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QDC Ranch Services, LLC
QDC was established in 2007 after moving from our families ranch that we have had for 75 years.  One of the many task on the ranch was controlling Prairie Dogs.  After trying every method of Prairie Dog control we came across the use of Compressed Carbon Monoxide as a control method.  It has proven to be more effective then many of the other methods.  We have treated hundreds of thousands of  burrows over the last 4 years.  We have multiple machines that can effectively treat a large area quick and efficient. With 3 or 4 machine we cover a lot of  ground in the least amount of time.  We are one a  few Licensed operators of the use of Carbon Monoxide control methods in Colorado.  Which is required in Colorado to be a commercial operator. We manage your Burrowing Rodent Control by evaluating your needs and goals.  Each project is unique.

We can set up treatments on a Yearly, quarterly, monthly or once whatever plan works for you and  is most effective.

Prairie Dog Control and other BURROWING RODENT CONTROL

QDC Ranch Services will treat  subdivisions, government land,  farms and ranches, vineyards, orchards, highways, right of ways, cemeteries, golf courses development land, churches , residential, etc.


Prairie dogs, gophers, ground squirrels, moles, and voles Burrowing rodents cause major damage to land . The cost of damage done to ranchers, farmers and other land owners property by these rodents is huge.

Pressurized Carbon Monoxide helps control destructive pests. 

Environmentally Friendly !!!
No Poison Baits !!
No Explosions !!
No Secondary Kills!!!

We will come to your home or ranch  or commercial property to control your prairie dog problems or Burrowing rodents problems. 

Travel is not a problem, we are based in Eastern Colorado but will travel throughout Colorado, Kansas, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Montana and anywhere the need is!!! Each job is evaluated  based on location, size, infestations, and proximity to other infestations. 

Recent jobs include Gunnison, South Fork, Fort Collins, Denver, Castle Rock, Firestone, Pueblo, Fowler, Kiowa, Hotchkiss, Highlands Ranch, Elizabeth, Boulder, Deer Trail, Colorado Springs, Black forest, Elbert, Kiowa, Watkins, Peyton, Longmont, Monument, Byers, Bennett, Calhan, Simla, Prospect Valley, Larkspur, Greeley, Strasburg,  Lincoln County, Hugo, and Canyon Texas, multiple HOA's

Municipalities: Douglas County and Boulder county Open Space,  Cities of Highland Ranch, Frederick, Castle Rock. Lakewood.


QDC Ranch Services, LLC
Dan Oakleaf, Owner
PO BOX 158 Simla, Colorado 81039
(719) 332-9540